BizGalz: A Global Community of Women

Set the bar? Now rise to it.


BizGalz is a community of women
trying to change the world one step at a time.

What originally started as a Twitter chat is now a budding online?community of women?and the men who support us scattered across the globe. We understand that the road to equality must be traveled together.?We invite you to?join us as we celebrate successful women as icons, pioneers,?and innovators. For all of you?- women and girls alike -?who have been told that you ?can?t?, we tell you: You CAN.??At?BizGalz?we aim to challenge, not import, limitations.?More women. More voice. More equality.?So we challenge all of you: Set the bar… Now rise to it.?

(P.S. want to join the conversation? Join us for?our #BizGalz?chat?every Monday at 1?pm EST?/ 6 pm GMT?on Twitter.)?

Twitter Stream

Twitter is where BizGalz was born and where you can connect with our community most readily. It?s where we discuss the topics that the community is most interested in and spread the word about all of the incredible work the women of the world are doing right now. If you?re ever wondering what we?re talking or who next week's chat guest will be, this is the place to go! Drop by, say hi, and get to know the amazing women who are a part of our community.

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