Amplifying Artists – During COVID and Beyond!

We know that COVID is taking its toll. It’s been an emotional rollercoaster of a year for each of us as we’ve naviagated the challenges, stresses, and successes of 2020 in our own ways. For small businesses and artists, we know that this year has held additional challenges. Art festivals and concerts have been canceled, folks have less disposable income to purchase “fun” items, and small businesses are struggling. With all the ups and downs, BizGalz took the opportunity to reach out to our community to start amplifying artists we love. Here are some of our favorites.

Making Change

Artists we see making positive change in the world include:

The Foo Fighters (Music)
Joel Leon (Storyteller)
Artists for Change (Film)
Dagne Dover (Fashion)
Katrin Eismann (Fine Art)

Founded in 2013, Dagne Dover is a women-led company aimed at making lives easier through empathy and good design.

We Have Awesome Art – Both Near and Far!

Shonto Begay (Painter)
Ki’erre Dawkins (Fine Art)
Gerry LaFemina (Poet)
The Downstrokes (Punk Rock)
Neon Angel Design (Jewelry)
Thomas Evans: Detour 303 (Muralist)
Jarrett Rashad Dance Theatre (Dance)
Fenny Suter (Fiber Arts)
Rima Sobh: River of Ceramics (Fine Art)

Founder and Artistic Director Jarrett Rashad goes “Under the Sea.”

And We Love Food

Lisa Dahl (Chef)
Ivan Flowers (Chef)
Sabrina Medora (Food Writer)
Nikeisah Newton: Meals 4 Heels (Chef)
Eva Klinc: Sugar Queen Design (Baker)

Chef Nikeisah Newton created Meals 4 Heels to cater clean meals to the sex worker community in Portland, Oregon.

Industries We Love

Not only are there great artists around us, our community is creative! We love social media, podcasting, graphic design, writing, quilting, music, photography, visual arts, and DIYers.

Have more artists to share? Drop us a comment or tweet us @BizGalz!