Creating your version of success

Who else is tired of being told what success looks like? 🙋🏾‍♀️

We live in a world that has advanced beyond our wildest dreams, but in spite of many people carving out their own unique place in history, we are still told to strive for a universal (and outdated) version of success.

From marriage before your 30, to having a degree, buying a house, and (of course) doing this all while looking Instagram ready, it seems like while there’s great progress in the world in regards to what people are achieving, the same age-old life expectations are being celebrated.

But, when you’ve spent so long chasing a dream that you haven’t dreamed, how do you determine what success really looks like for you?

1. Understand that success looks different to everyone

There’s no one size fits all approach to carving out your path to success. The first step to figuring out what your path should be, is to think about what needs to change in your life. Do you want more time for yourself? More money saved away for your future? To travel to all of the corners of the world in your lifetime?

By determining what is important to you, you can start to create a plan that enables you to do all of those things. A clear vision also drives a clear set of actions.

2. Don’t ask everyone for their opinion

As tempting as it may be to ask the people that you know and trust, what success looks like to them, that could be more derailing than helpful. Instead of looking to others for the answers, you’ll need to dig deep and ask yourself.

Self-acceptance is going to help you on this journey, so now is the time to let go of looking for the approval of others.

3. Create a list of priorities

A dream without a plan is just a wish. Start by making sure that you have a list of the steps you need to take, in the right order. Consider you can achieve now that will also set you up for success further down the line.

You don’t want to simply ‘get things done’ for the sake of it. Every action should serve a purpose, so make them all count.