How Can You Make Time to Fill Yourself Up?

The thought of filling yourself up after a long day can be exhausting. That said, I?ve been spending more and more time focusing on the concept of filling myself up so that I can serve better and serve more. Let?s be honest, work can be incredibly draining. The 9:00-5:00 isn?t really only 9-5, and so many workplaces are building in the time for lunch, so you actually work a full 40 hours instead of 37.5 (let?s talk 8:00-5:00 or 9:00-6:00 instead if you get a full hour break midday). For those of us who commute, add an extra 30 minutes to an hour onto each end of that, and it?s no wonder that we?re depleted (sometimes even before the day begins simply at the monumental 11 hours in front of us, and that?s assuming we have no plans or evening meetings after work).

Yes, work can go quickly, particularly when I?m working on a project that is absolutely inspiring me. However, it?s still give give give. So many of us have been taught that we need to put others first, that making/taking time for ourselves is selfish or greedy. Truthfully, taking time for myself is what allows me to have more energy to do better and give more to others. This is where that thought comes in each day: What have I done today to fill my cup so that I am not drained later or tomorrow? Whatever you choose, remember it?s all, completely unapologetically, all about YOU.

I have three things that work for me that might work for you, too.

Do something small for yourself every day. Sure, you spend 24 hours a day with yourself, but did you do anything today to benefit you first? Small can be making tea in the morning or before bed, sitting quietly for 15 minutes as you enjoy it, and making yourself the top priority, or it can be treating yourself to breakfast on the way to work. Figure out what makes you smile and do that thing.

Work it out. I find exercise to be a great way to energize myself while also burning off any negativity I?m carrying. Go to yoga, take a walk at lunch with a coworker, or put on a workout video for 20 minutes at home. More into meditation? That’s great, too! We’re simply glad you’re taking time for you.

Make the whitespace. Say no. We talk a lot about boundary setting here at BizGalz, but I?m going to say it again. It?s. ? Okay. ? To. ? Say. ? No. ? For real. Boundaries are totally acceptable and it?s okay to have some nights in (if that?s your thing, although I know other people fill themselves up by being social butterflies). Be true to you. It?s 100% okay to say no and to keep some unscheduled time for yourself.

Whatever you do, whatever you choose, unapologetically make time for you. How will you fill yourself up today?

Alissa M. Trumbull


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