We're Setting The Bar

Community. This is our heart.

Through our commitment to strengthening women in all aspects of our lives to be better bosses, colleagues, moms, and friends, BizGalz is dedicated to helping women build each other up as we flourish, not tear each other down as we climb to the top.

It is the relationships we’ve built with each of you through this community – and the ones we will continue to develop and nurture – that make us resilient, even when we find ourselves in times of struggle. At some point we’ve all been told “you can’t.” We’ve been told we’re not good enough. Not strong enough. Not cute enough. Not smart enough.

But we tell you, women are strong. We CAN.?Whatever it is, we can. We can be engineers, athletes, mothers, doctors, teachers, lawyers. The list is endless.

And so, we challenge you:

How can you do better? Be better?
How can you lift up those around you?
How can you deliberate? initiate? advocate?
What will you do today to turn your dreams into goals and goals into reality?

We’re setting the bar. Rise to it.

~Alissa & Jade



A global community of women and the men who support us seeking to challenge the world, think big, & make change. Chat with us on Twitter for our #BizGalz chat every Monday at 1 p.m. EST/6 p.m. GMT.


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